Find well water and subsurface groundwater mapping solutions

We have already deployed our dedicated intranet service to allow our customers to monitor and control their sensor. Please click the image below to enter the site.Hiring the services of Aqua-Explore is the best way to save money when you are planning to drill a well. The technology used determines all the characteristics, details and possibilities of the well found on your property before you decide to spend money on the actual drilling.

Once the survey and all the necessary information is collected on the land in which the study is being made, AQUA-EXPLORE will provide a printed report to help you, as the client, to decide if you need, in fact, to continue with your project and contract with a drilling company to extract the water. With our report you will have enough technical data to decide whether the project needs to continue or be cancelled based on the approximate water depth, water quality (salinity), and flow rate.

Technical Report

The final report includes and explains:

Water for every type of necessity

  • Maps: Every report includes maps and profiles in 2D and 3D, showing the aquifer’s characteristics (depth, thickness, and quality) to plan the drill and construction of the well site.
  • Localization: The exact location of the aquifer to proceed and drill the area with high precision.
  • Profundity: The depth, from the external ground level, to drill in the most precise part of the aquifer.
  • Flow Rate: The approximate amount of water deposited in the aquifer to predict the well’s yield.
  • Quality: The quality of the water as it relates to salinity (high saline areas) polluted sites, limiting boreholes.
  • Developing and planning: We will provide advice in every single step of the project, from the initial intention to look for an aquifer, to the moment you get the water. Also, we will provide programs to help you save water and administer your aquifer, and the yield in a better and more rational way.

To obtain more information check the FAQ Section and find all the answers related with the services offered by Aqua-Explore.

Subsurface mapping solutions

  • Groundwater Mapping: Aquifer and groundwater mapping, well site monitoring.
  • Leak Mapping: Mine infiltration, control, and remediation, pipeline, reservoir, canal leak detection and location, dam leak detection, flow path mapping.
  • Contaminant Mapping: Contaminant plume and reaction front mapping, landfill seepage mapping.
  • Resource Mapping: Geothermal mapping and monitoring, oil field steam injection plume mapping.

A Typical subsurface mapping Project

A typical project may map subsurface water over an area between 100 and 1,000 acres (4 Km) and take three to nine weeks to complete. Every project follows five basic steps:

  • Continually monitor groundwater resources
  • Determine optimal placement of antenna electrodes in target water-bearing zones.
  • Energize zone with an AC current. As the AC current flows through the water a magnetic field is generated. This magnetic field is afterwards measured.
  • Measure the magnetic field at multiple points on the surface using our patented AquaTrack field system, thus preparing the first map.
  • Refine field data and prepare contour maps of subsurface water footprint, including alternative maps.
  • Interpret maps, data, including all related information and provide actionable insights to our clients. This material will be placed in a private profile in our website