About Us

The Company

AQUA-EXPLORE is a first level company specialized introducing to the Iberian market the most developed and accurate technologies available to locate and exploit the groundwater.

Aqua-Explore specializes in finding and locating aquifers and groundwater flows before going to the expense of blindly drilling a single well or multiple wells, and before hiring professionals with poor and unproven techniques that make this process difficult, lengthy and expensive.

Thanks to the technologies that we apply in our projects, we are able to understand the complex and wide world of underground water and all of its dynamics. Through these technologies, Aqua-Explore offers subsurface mapping solutions with high resolution and accuracy in a great variety of areas including aquifers, subsurface leaks, mining and oil.

We locate and map groundwater by implementing non-intrusive, non-invasive technology that is environmentally clean and safe. Our technologies help clients to make important decisions on how to plan their projects before spending great amount of money doing unnecessary drillings.

We just find water where you need it

Meet the team

Lucas Cepero Posada

Director and Project Coordinator. Experienced in urban and regional planning project elaboration and coordination. Working with maximization and proper use of natural resources, environmental impact statements and community development.

Angela Prieto RodrĂ­guez

Geologist Specialist in reservoir evaluation and management, with formation in geological cartography, geological characterization of formations, and simulation and modeling of reservoirs fluids, for environmental purposes, as well as mineral exploration and production.

Pablo Santiago González

Biologist and EIS Specialist Biologist specialized in environment impact statement and environmental project execution integrating and evaluating quality systems agendas ISO.

Aitor Arozamena

Technical Support and Programming System administrator, consultant and specialist in geography information systems (GIS)