• Non-Intrusive Technique

    Ground exploring without drilling

    Without unnecessary and unsafe drillings; without moving drillers and heavy equipment. Clean, sustainable and respectable to the environment.

  • Survey Time Table

    Quick and confident results

    It only takes a few days to develop and execute a project and come to a decision if there is localized water on the property.

  • The Most Efficiente Way to Find Water

    Keep your costs under control

    Using advance technology to determine the potential life of the aquifer before investing in expensive drillings and the well’s necessary infrastructure.


Using the best technology available, such as sensors and networking devices placed wherever are needed


You get your report faster than thinking about drilling your well!


We can guarantee satisfactory results with high probability of success of finding water in everyterrain.

Environmental Safe

We reduce the need to drill in search of water beforehand, and our studies are clean and safe!

We find water in your property by using the most advanced and economically available technology.

Advanced and accurate technology proven in projects to locate valuable subsurface resources, such as areas of hot water, steam, oil and gas; locate subsurface leaks and the paths that they take and to delineate contaminated groundwater and reaction front, determining the best way to save time and money and find solutions to problems related with the use and operation of water.

Technology and science used to understand and manage the water through the subsurface mapping elaboration.

  • Map groundwater
  • Locate subsurface leaks and the paths that they take
  • Delineate contaminated groundwater and reaction fronts
  • Determine the location of valuable subsurface resources, such as areas of hot water, steam, oil and gas

Our clients

Who request our services?

Our services and technology will benefit:

  • Homeowners: Our service will benefit homeowners whose wells have gone dry or flow has decreased. Land owners who need a well site located for new construction. Homeowners in need of water for gardens, swimming pools and don’t receive enough water from the city water service.
  • Retailers and Commerce: For companies developing products with water such as ice and bottled water and refreshed bottled beverages or services such as transporting water with tanker trucks, car washing businesses. Also, companies that are in need of high amounts of water for their operation such as nurseries, green houses, golf courses, and swimming pools.
  • Agricultural Sector: For farmers in need of permanent irrigation wells to keep crops and industrial plantations watered.
  • Farming Sector: Farmers who need a permanent source of water to supply and maintain livestock and other animals.
  • Drilling Contractors: Companies in need of technical surveys to locate the aquifer before drilling the well.
  • Developers and Construction Companies: For new developments and new construction sites outside of the city water service areas, or in areas where the municipalities require a water source to supply the new residential or industrial units.
  • Engineers and Architectural Firms: Engineering firms in urban planning preparation projects or aiding in new construction or development.
  • Public Sector: Utility companies exploring new well sites and water development strategies. Municipalities exploring water sources for human use and consumption.
  • Consulting firms: Engineer, environmental and consulting firms working a specific project where the technology is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where should I have the survey completed on my property?

In many cases, the property owner or the project manager of the developing land knows details about the area and where they would like to have their well. If the client is unsure where to perform the survey, Aqua-Explore will complete an extended sounding profile survey across the property which will help locate some good areas to center all the necessary attention and detail. If the client doesn’t know where to find water and has used other companies that were unsuccessful in obtaining results in your property or in the surrounding area, the best option is contract a deep sounding with our professionals and the technology available at Aqua-Explore.

How many soundings will I need on my property?

Every property varies and has unique characteristics. Some properties need many more soundings than others, but in our experience, and based on the information available at Aqua-Explore, we recommend a minimum of 4 to 8 soundings for residential clients and 12 or more soundings for agricultural or land development. Our professionals recommend that in residential areas where obtaining water is known to be difficult, more than 12 may be necessary. The clients need understand that the data collected on a property requires numerous hours of processing and research to ensure that the most accurate estimates are made by our professionals.

Can the Aqua-Explorer professionals provide any results from the soundings while at my property?

During the time collecting the data and surveying your property, we will not be able to provide you information since the data needs hours of processing. Our professional may see some obvious signs that can indicate water, but depth and yield estimations can only be made after the data is properly processed. In order to avoid mistakes and misinterpretations any type of field, interpretations should not be provided.

Can a well driller just find water and be accurate?

Currently, there a few accurate and more important “serious” techniques to locate aquifers. The most common options that most companies and people offer for this market are picking a spot or well witching. Most well drillers will not make suggestions or just will wait until you decide where to drill the well because of the potential liability involved. You have to remember they’re drillers.

The well witching has been around for many years, but there is not scientific evidence or effective results to recommend any of them. Finding drinkable water goes further than just opening a spot and finding a well. Aqua-Explore works with one of the few proven and serious techniques to locate aquifers and then describe the approximate water depth, water quality, and approximate flow rate.

If I contract a driller, how many wells have to be drilled before finding water?

If a drilling company decides to work on your property, it is because it has surveyed and made soundings before on your property and doesn’t want to drill and fail.

However, most companies don’t find water the first time they drill. This situation really affects you, as client, because the drilling techniques are very expensive and you are the one who has to pay for. The drilling companies will charge you for every meter they explore and drill even though they don’t find a drop of water.

Aqua-Explore will help you to avoid unnecessary drillings by giving you a report on what the aquifer and water source, with it’s characteristics, looks like.

How much is the approximate cost of hiring a drilling company?

It is difficult to estimate. Most companies charge you for at least 60 meters explored, even if they don’t find water. They are drillers and sometimes performing on the land is not enough to find water. Even if the drilling company finds water, they may not be able to provide you information on the approximate water depth, water quality, and approximate flow rate.

If you hire a drilling company and they succeed, you may not know what the bill is until the end. You usually must wait for the detailed invoice from the drilling company and go from there to plan a payment.

Aqua-Explore will help you to decide if the aquifer on your property has potential or restrictions to be drilled and you will know the approximately cost of the drilling before you contract one of these companies.


Discover our pioneer technology

Aqua-Explore uses the Advance Geosystems Inc. technology (AGI) known as the SuperSting R8 IP to locate aquifers and develop small domestic projects. Through AGI, AQUA EXPLORE offers this worldwide leading technology specialized in developing hardware and software on resistibility imaging. AGI´s technology has been widely implemented and proved by different governmental agencies, public and private companies and universities on all continents.

SuperSting R8 IP

How it works:

AQUA EXPLORE implements AGI´s technology on a specific property in which there is a necessity to find water. Then, a set of electrodes is displayed strategically according to the characteristics of the property, and an electrical discharge is applied to the land. The information resulted of that electric reaction with the all the components of the ground are collected and sent it to a computer to be analyzed by the AGI´s software. Since groundwater is a conductor, each component reacts with the electricity, and the software is able to determine the water depth, water quality (salinity), and flow rate.

Aqua-Explore is the commercial agent in Spain for Willowstick Technologies. Willowstick is a leading provider of next generation, subsurface water mapping services which developed a patented geophysical technology, known as AquaTrack that efficiently maps, tracks, and monitors groundwater resources in larger projects.

Using AquaTrack Technology

How it works:

AquaTrack works by energizing a water-bearing zone with an AC current. As the AC current flows through the water, a magnetic field is generated. Measuring the magnetic field at multiple points on the surface using the patented AquaTrack field system and then by employing mathematical algorithms to refine field data we are able to prepare contour maps of the subsurface water footprint.